OneNote Importer: We couldn't import the following notes because An unexpected error was encountered

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I have 1,162 notes in my Evernote notebook, and want to switch to Microsoft's OneNote.  The explanation to the error message I get when using the Importer from 2016, "We couldn’t import the following notes because An unexpected error was encountered. Please try again later. Try copy and pasting them into OneNote manually." in the older threads tells me, in effect, that I can't do it (to distill very long posts from 2 administrators to the actual answer).

I have saved my Evernote notebook both in my downloads and in My Documents, in .enex format. I am using Windows 10 Pro Ver. 21H1, with the OS build 19043.1415.

Has anyone devised a workaround so that OneNote can use my .enex file? The recommendations in the earlier administrators' answers would take so  many hours that they are rather useless.

I am hoping someone here might know a different way that makes sense.

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  • Answerer 2022-01-19 11:13

    You can try Gem's OneNote Batch.

    Import EverNote enex Files to OneNote

    OneNote Batch:

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