How to Transfer Notes from OneNote for Windows 10 to OneNote 2021?

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I previously worked with a user that had began her notes and documentation on OneNote for Windows 10. (On base image deployed some odd years ago.) She had wanted to translate her notebook over to a more modern version of OneNote (This version was the version that was deployed with O365)

When looking for a way to easily export/move her old notes onto her newer OneNote it didn't seem like there was a simple way to do so. I reached out to one of our applications admin who had more knowledge on these types of situations but he had told me that there wasn't a way to export from old to new without running the risk of data loss. He advised me to have her (or if the user preferred not to, me) copy and paste her notes from her old version into the new version while copying sections and organized like she had the previous version of OneNote set up. Of course this was taking a lot of my time and cut into other work I had to do but ultimately was completed and the user was happy with the result.

Reason I gave that context is for the following..

I now have another user that is having a similar issue. They have notes set up on an older version of OneNote and wish to translate all of them to a newer version. (As the title states..)

Is there a simpler way for us to be able to properly export the older OneNote Notebook(s) and import them safely into the more recent version of the application? 

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  • Answerer 2022-01-28 10:05
    OneNote for Windows 10 just create and open notebooks from 

    So, you do not need to export data from OneNote for Win10.

    You just simple sign in your account and open the notebooks of in OneNote 2021.

    OneNote 2021 -> File -> Open
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