2022.4.15 Mac OneNote Release to 16.60,Add a New Important Feature: Auto Backup to Local Disk

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Mac OneNote 16.60

What’s New
Apr 15, 2022

Version 16.60

Hey OneNote Mac community!

We’re bringing you one of the most requested features this week. Starting now, your notes on Mac will be automatically backed up on your Mac and not just in the cloud. The cloud is still the best place for all your notes, so that you can access them from any device, but local backups give an extra layer of peace of mind.

While we hope you won't need it, if you do hit a problem on your Mac and need to recover a note, go to OneNote preferences and select Backups. From there, you can customize your backup preferences and access your backed up notes.

We hope you love it!

OneNote Apple Development Team

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