OneNote Pen Thickness changes with Screen Resolution

Questioner 2022-04-20 18:15 538

When using OneNote, the pen thickness changes with the resolution (or scaling) of the screen. 

This happens with all input methods : finger, pen with pressure sensitivity turned on, 

pen with pressure sensitivity turned off, etc.

The image below illustrated the problem. I draw two lines : one with a FullHD resolution (125% scaling) 

and the other one with a 4k resolution (250% scaling) on the same document. (Pressure sensitivity 

turned off) We can see that the 4k line is narrower than the one made while using the fullHd resolution. 

The two lines were made using the same pen (0.35mm) on the same document.

I tried using a 4k resolution with a 125% scaling, and it seemed to do lines as thick as the FullHD 

(125% scaling) version. This suggests that only the resolution and/or the scaling of the screen

 impacts the thickness of the lines.

This is really annoying since I'm changing the resolution of the screen every time I plug my laptop 

to a secondary display (I like to have my resolution to 4K when using a dock and FullHD when I'm 

not connected to a dock). It makes the pen thickness change every time and makes inconsistent notes.

I tried the following without success : restarting the computer, reinstalling OneNote, clearing 

cache, modifying the pen setting (thickness and color), activating and deactivating the pressure

sensitivity, testing the pen in other applications (only OneNote does that).

Does anyone else experimented this issue ? Do you have a fix (other than to keep the screen

resolution fixed) ? Thanks!

Keywords : pen thickness too small, pen sensitivity changes, pen sensitivity inconsistent, 

onenote line and draw thickness doesn't match, OneNote pen thickness keeps changing, 

onenote pen thickness doesnt fit.

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  • Answerer 2022-04-20 18:17
    Unfortunately, the thickness of strokes does change at different resolutions.

    The reason for this change is to show the handwriting more clearly at lower resolution and provide finer feedback at higher resolution.

    However, it is inconvenient for you to switch frequently under different resolutions and different scaling ratios.

    It seems that there is no suitable solution at present except for fixed screen resolution.
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