Microsoft announced that Mac OneNote 16.60 added automatic backup features, but in fact it can't be found in OneNote

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In the Mac OneNote 16.60 update notes, it is announced that automatic backup features have been added.

In fact, after almost all Mac OneNote users updated to 16.60, they said they couldn't find this automatic backup feature.

Neither the M1 chip's Mac OneNote nor the Intell CPU's OneNote can find this automatic backup feature.

It is now estimated to be a bug for Mac OneNote. Wait for Microsoft to fix it.

Mac OneNote ver. 16.60 "Backups" does NOT show in Preferences


With the release of version 16.60, the Mac OneNote development team stated in the Mac App Store:

...Starting now, your notes on Mac will be automatically backed up on your Mac and not just in the cloud." "...go to OneNote preferences and select Backups. From there, you can customize your backup preferences and access your backed up notes."

The problem is there is no "Backups" section in preferences.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled OneNote multiple times. Rebooted. Signed out and back into my Microsoft account. Nothing I have done has revealed the new Backups section.

I do not know if it makes any difference, but I am a license holder for Microsoft 365 Family edition of which OneNote is a part. I originally downloaded OneNote from the Microsoft site. Today, when I could not find "Backups," I uninstalled OneNote, and re-installed from the Mac App Store; that did not work either.


I'm a fanatical note-taker, organizational, planner, outliner type of person; OneNote is the best tool I have ever used. I have used OneNote daily since it was first released on Windows. I have gladly moved to Mac and continued to use the Mac version of OneNote. I have also regularly tried other note apps to see if there is anything better. By "better" what I actually mean is if there is another notes app as excellent as OneNote AND allows me to save my data locally. There has only been one contender and it is hardly supported anymore.


Does anybody have a solution?

Hi. I don't have this new feature either, but I have an iMac intel i5, Monterey 12.3.1. OneNote 16.60 (22041000)

Hi all,


We have been searching for the official article from Microsoft about release of Backups feature for OneNote for Mac. Unfortunately, the only resource that claims this release is Apple App store.


We tested this issue on multiple Macs machines and we confirm that Backups option didn’t appear several machines. Please notice that a new feature may need some days to complete release to all users or it's a potential bug for this new feature.

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    5.10 upgraded 16.61, still no backup feature.

    Mac Backup feature should under Mac Top Menu -> OneNote menu -> Preferences -> Backups settings. 
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