Android OneNote Shows Pages from Deleted Notebooks in Home Tab

Questioner 2022-08-03 04:11 218

On the Android OneNote, the new Home tab shows old notes from the old notebooks which doesn't exist anymore (not open and deleted from the OneDrive). 

And in general it seems that the view doesn't work properly. 

New and edited notes doesn't always appear at the top of the list although I have set it to show the last edits first.

Any suggestions what to do? 

I have already tried logging out and back in, clearing the cache and reinstalling the app. 

On the desktop everything is alright. I have cleared the recycle bins of the every notebook I have.

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  • Answerer 2022-08-03 21:09
    These are the ghost pages of OneNote.

    More are OneNote's ghost notebooks. You can delete these ghost notebooks with the following methods.

    How to Remove the Items of Deleted Notebooks from Notebook Open List of OneNote?
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